Ullrich Water Treatment Plant Low Service Pump Station Electrical Feed Renewal Project
Austin, Texas
Role: Commissioning, Contract Management, Program Management

The Ullrich Water Treatment Plant was built in 1969 and provides potable water for South Austin customers and the City of Westlake. The plant’s raw water is drawn from Lake Austin by the Low Service Pump Station (LSPS), which is powered by an electrical substation that was also constructed in 1969. This project replaces the existing substation with a new modern enclosed electrical substation facility. In addition to constructing the new substation facility, a new electrical duct bank connecting it with the LSPS will be constructed. This will allow the new power distribution system to be built over several years, while the City of Austin’s old power distribution system remains in service, allowing the water plant to remain in service during construction. A new access road will be constructed along the route of the new duct bank providing better LSPS site access. The project will also implement storm water quality improvements for the LSPS site, and the new power distribution system will meet current Austin Water electrical standards for safety and reliability.  Jingoli Power is the General Contractor responsible for overall project delivery.