Jingoli Competitive Edge

JINGOLI Power is committed to giving back to the communities where we work. JINGOLI Power’s “Competitive Edge” program was designed to ensure most of a project’s dollars remain in the community to help build a stronger local economy and workforce.

Competitive Edge was created and designed to develop, foster, and grow one of the company’s core beliefs – a solid commitment to enriching the economic stability of the communities in which we work throughs service, education, and mentorship. This workforce development program runs for twelve consecutive weeks. The first week was designed to acclimate students to the program, an Exam to Test for Basic Adult Education (TABE) is given, Instructional and Team Building Exercises, Guest Motivational Speakers, Basic Safety Primers and Orientation to Staff and the facility.

Through community involvement, much of the funds allocated for JINGOLI’s projects are invested back into the local surrounding communities. Subcontractors are required to utilize available local workforce, suppliers, and contractors. Some highlights of the program are as follows:


With the help of the community and district leaders, the program will identify residents in the neighborhood that are willing to train with a JINGOLI mentors to gain construction experience while collecting a competitive salary. While on the job, the mentor will concentrate on the resident’s passions and strengths that will benefit their future career while working in the construction industry.


Train-to-Hire is a workforce development program that provides young people with training and opportunity to enter craft work. Additionally offering, hands-on site visits tailored to fit client or course needs.


Week 1-3:

Orientation, mathematics essentials, resume writing, mock interviews, career building, instruction on unions, and reputation/social media management techniques.

Week 4:

Safety training (OSHA 30-hour certification training, industry-specific training, etc.).

Week 5-11:

Tailored to the type of craft or trade. Experienced professionals and business owners are brought in to teach these modules.

Week 12:

Project site visit. Financial literacy training in:

  • Budgeting
  • Credit Building
  • Introduction to Investing
  • Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate
  • How to Open Financial Accounts: Checking & Savings
  • Financial Management
  • Compounding Interest

JINGOLI developed the Competitive Edge program to develop, foster, and grow one of the company’s core beliefs – a solid commitment to enriching the economic stability of the communities in which we work throughs service, education, and mentorship:



Since 1922, JINGOLI has been a nationally ranked general contractor, construction manager, and developer in the United States known for delivering ownersʼ complex projects safely, ahead of schedule, and under budget. One of the companies core principles is enriching the local community. JINGOLI Live Classroom builds on that foundation by contributing education to STEM fields that are continually evolving. LIVE Classroom educates local talented youth in the division of STEM: science, technology, engineering & mathematics in a real-world interdisciplinary and best practice approach. JINGOLI’s “Live Classroom” program also provides real-time learning opportunities for high school students interested in pursuing construction, engineering and architecture careers. In partnership with project area schools and community groups like the Boys & Girls Club, Live Classroom students meet one day a week for 3 months with JINGOLI team members and guest speakers to expose students to a range of careers and industries. The program places its graduates in early employment opportunities. Over 100 Live Classroom graduates have been hired by JINGOLI or its partner contractors.


JINGOLI-DCO Workforce Development Program runs for twelve consecutive weeks to place adults in lasting careers in the industry.


JINGOLI-DCO partnered with New Jersey Judiciary’s Opportunities for Building Success Program (JOBS). Through our Train-to-Hire Workforce Development Program and New Jersey Office of Probation Services, we attempt to match re-entry clients with construction career opportunities which we believe to be compatible with their skill level and their motivation to succeed.


The LIT program is designed to work with “at risk youth. This program will allow the youth to work toward beautification of their local city while learning life skills and soft skills.

Platinum Medallion Award


JINGOLI is approved as a participant in the Department of Defense (DoD) SkillBridge program – we value the ability to search out talented transition military service members and provide them with a smooth transition into the workforce while providing them job placement. JINGOLI Power also has a long track record of hiring veterans from all service branches. Why hire vets? They have proven leadership abilities and work ethic, and they work well on high-performance teams and on problem-solving in high-stress environments. They possess expertise in personnel management, and they know how to analyze, interpret, and present data in an agile environment. In fact, our proprietary mobile solution JARVIS was built by a U.S. Army Special Operations veteran who developed technology and communications solutions for the U.S. Special Forces’ Green Berets.


from all service branches – representing 25% of JINGOLI Power team


is interviewed personally by a JINGOLI Power executive and the JINGOLI Power CEO


of 2020 US Department of Labor HIRE Vets Platinum Medallion