Roseland Pleasant Valley (RPV) Construction and Material Management
Roseland & Pleasant Valley, New Jersey
Role: Construction Management, Contract Management, Logistics, Material Management, Program Management, QA/QC

Multi-year End of Life Cycle Transmission Line Rebuild:

(1) Replacement of 51 miles of 138kV transmission foundations, structures and overhead lines built to 230kv standards.

(2) The Project covers 17 municipalities throughout Central and Northern NJ.  Traversing many environmentally sensitive areas.

(3) The Project was split in multiple segments and required additional Substation Modifications to three of PSE&G’s major Substations


Authorized in April 2018 by PJM, the 51-mile project replaces existing lattice towers that approached their end of life.  As Project Construction and Material Managers, the JPOW Team was responsible for all aspects of project performance, construction and material coordination, planning, scheduling, logistics, road opening permits, site planning, inspection coordination, as well as cost mitigation and contractor control.