Metuchen-Trenton-Burlington Project – PSEG
Metuchen-Trenton-Burlington Project – PSEG
Role: Construction Management, Logistics, Material Management, QA/QC, Safety Services

The Metuchen-Trenton-Burlington Project (MTB, the Project) upgraded the existing 138kV transmission circuits and equipment between Metuchen and Burlington to operate at 230kV. The segment from Metuchen to Trenton was built to double circuit 345kV specifications and initially operated at 230kV.  The segment from Trenton to Burlington was built to double circuit 230kV specifications and operated at 230kV. The existing underbuilt distribution and sub-transmission lines were rebuilt and re-attached to the new structures as necessary.  JINGOLI Power was directly contracted with PSE&G, to perform material logistics and QA/QC services for this project.

Specific Items Included in JPOW Scope:

  • Transmission Line Material QA/QC Cradle to Grave from Fabrication through Installation
  • Material Yard Design, Safety, Security and Environmental Controls
  • Material Delivery Receipt, Care, Kitting, and Issuing
  • Assumption of Care Custody for all Materials including PSE&G Procured Materials
  • Non-Conformance Material Delay Risk Assumption
  • Excess/Spare Material Inventory Control