Flexible Project Models

There’s no one-size-fits-all offering at Jingoli Power. Our team executes projects on EPC, fee-at-risk professional services, design-build or design-build-own-operate contracts to meet our customers’ objectives for safety, budget and final delivery. We have worked with the majority of the contractors and engineering firms, and with a team that has worked on gas projects and electric projects ranging from distribution voltages to 500 kV, we can work with them all.


Our comprehensive experience in controlling and tracking projects drives overall project performance and predictability. By tracking and analyzing project data, we enable management to proactively alleviate potential schedule delays, scope creep, and negative cost impacts.


Recognizing a gap in the industry for providing real-time project data, Jingoli Power’s team developed a proprietary solution to provide actionable insight for managers and teams in the field to make better decisions faster. The self-learning tool gets smarter over time so teams are constantly optimizing their performance in the field and the back office.

The JARVIS suite of applications aggregates operational data to predict problems so crews can adjust and avoid a costly breakdown or work stoppage, with solutions that enhance:

  • Procurement
  • Materials management
  • Quality assurance
  • Risk management
  • Safety
  • Environmental impact assessments

Jingoli Power provides this data to our clients to create a virtuous cycle of improvement for future builds and other applications, and our in-house technology development team can reconfigure JARVIS to meet a customer’s unique data requirements. Flexibility and responsiveness, core values for Jingoli Power, are two attributes that our developers specifically kept in mind while designing the software.